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Valtech International .net and Java Talent program Kickstart your career with us

Ready to become the greatest?

Show us you have what it takes to work on some of the world’s most supreme digital solutions and we’ll help kick-start your career.

The Valtech Talent Program takes you on a cross-Europe training adventure of a lifetime – all expenses paid! We provide training by some of the best web developers in the industry and give you real hands-on experience with projects for some of the greatest international brands.

As part of our global digital agency you will work alongside and learn from some of the very best web developers in the industry, as well as expert UX’ers, Project Managers and Digital Marketing Strategists – to name a few.

In 6 months we will turn your Java or .NET developing talent into actual AEM: Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore or Episerver expertise – even providing the possibility for certifications.

Ready to become the greatest?

We provide training by some

of the best web developers in

the industry and give you

real hands-on experience

Talent Journey

Receive top training within Valtech agency, discover every step of a digital project, improve your technical skills and meet our management and teams.

  • 6 Months
  • 4 Countries
  • 6 Cities

What’s in it for me?

The list is long, but we’ll keep it short:

  • 6 months paid learning adventure of a lifetime
  • The opportunity to get trained and certified on leading content and commerce platforms
  • Travel across Europe
  • Paid flights, accommodation and meals
  • Training from some of the best developers in the industry
  • Work experience on actual projects for some of the most esteemed brands globally
  • Work with cross-functional teams of experts, such as UX’ers, Designers and top Digital Marketing Strategists.

To sum up, you get to evolve your developing skills and digital understanding as part of our global digital agency where the sky’s the limit.

What’s in it for me?

Jumpstart your career by going

on the adventure of a lifetime

International Talent Program 2016
Kári Thrastarson - AEM developer


What matters the most is your passion! You need to eat and breathe web development!

Passion will get you far, but not all the way. You’ll also need to show some actual results that reflect your passion:

  • You’re a recent graduate or in the process of completing your master thesis in Computer Science (or something similar)
  • You need to have experience with: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX as well as RESTful and SOAP-based web services
  • You also have experience with MVC frameworks, version Control (fx. Git, Github, Bitbucket, SVN, SourceTree), IDE usage, build tools and source code management
  • Specifically for the Java program, you need knowledge of Sling, Spring and Struts Framework or other frameworks
  • Specifically for the .NET program, you need to know ASP.NET and have minimum one year’s experience with C# and/or the .NET framework
  • Experience with Unix/Linux and CMS-systems is an advantage, as well as practical experience from a web project and experience from working as part of a team.

What will I do?

During the 6 months you will be trained, you will travel and you will work on actual projects for actual clients.

Travel: You get to visit and learn from experts at our offices in Denmark, France, Germany and the Netherlands as part of your training.

Training: You travel so you can get training by some of the best developers in the industry across our offices.

Work: Alongside your training, you get hands on experience! You’ll be doing real work for our esteemed clients, so you can apply your new skills directly in projects. You will be working with our entire range of digital professionals and experts such as Digital Strategists, Designers and of course Web Developers across Europe.

What will I do?

This unique combination of

training will take you from

talented web developer to a

platform specific expert

Thanks to the Valtech International Talent Program I got the chance to work with a new platform, expand my software knowledge and work on my coding skills while networking with my international peers and learn about the digital world. I highly recommend this program not only to newly software-graduates but also developers that are in search for something new.

Thorunn Dia Óskarsdottir from the International Talent Program 2016 - Denmark

Thorunn Dia Óskarsdottir

Which country should I choose?

You will need to choose which country you wish to be based and employed in. No matter which country you choose, the program and your traveling schedule will be the same. So which country is the best match for you?

  • The Netherlands map

    What’s so great about Netherlands?

    All our 4 offices are great: we might not work together every day in the same office, but within a radius of 130 KM’s we are always close.

    Each office has its own culture, however, in the end everyone is happy to assist whenever help is needed.

    Create your own path within Valtech: as Developer you can become a tech lead, architect or project manager.

    We have Most Valuable Professionals of Episerver and Sitecore.

    More about the Netherlands.

  • Denmark map

    What’s so great about Denmark?

    The sky’s the limit here: If you have a great idea, we encourage you to run with it. We have a great social atmosphere – one for all and all for one.

    We have the coolest office. Really! Take one step outside and you can jump in the water. We have a great new canteen, the best coffee machines and a notoriously great lunch.

    We are the (self-proclaimed) party masters. You haven’t been to a real party until you’ve been to a Valtech DK party in the Copenhagen office!

    And of course we have very skilled people that can help you grow as a developer.

  • France map

    What’s so great about FRANCE?

    A very trendy office in the heart of Paris: a huge cafeteria with a high quality coffee, a rooftop and some babyfoot games.

    A young team of passionate consultants: mixed and atypical personalities.

    Multicultural teams on high-value clients: you can speak Spanish, English, French, Arabic on a same team here!

  • Germany map

    What’s so great about Germany?

    The atmosphere between the people working closely together in Scrum-teams.

    The support from Team Leads and Mentors who are always accessible.

    The table soccer to play during creative breaks.

    The big dining table where you can have lunch with all colleagues to exchange thoughts and experiences concerning your work and interests.

    More about Germany.

When will I start and
how should I apply?

Apply now!

As we only take on a limited number of talents and we’re probably conducting interviews at this very moment, we recommend you don’t wait any longer. Send us your application ASAP – preferably today or at the very latest 11st of February 2018.

The program starts on March 1st 2018

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