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What’s so great about Germany?

The atmosphere between the people working closely together in Scrum-teams. The support from Team Leads and Mentors who are always accessible. The table soccer to play during creative breaks. The big dining table where you can have lunch with all colleagues to exchange thoughts and experiences concerning your work and interests.

Projects in Germany

Projects and interactions with clients is a part of the Valtech International Talent Program

  • Bertelsmann Music Group

    Bertelsmann Music Group

    Bertelsmann Music Group - the fourth largest music publisher in the world - assigned Valtech Germany with the relaunch of their international homepage.

    The challenge lay in the responsive Design, the attractive and emotional layout, the cumulation of Artist Media (Social Media, News, Releases) as well as in the clear arrangement for the clients.

  • BMW Group

    BMW group

    The sky’s the limit here: If you have a great idea, we encourage you to run with it. We have a great social atmosphere – one for all and all for one.

    Valtech used the existing architecture of the marketing-platform Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to do the redesign. Our AEM-Team developed various new templates, screens and components and realised the integration with already existing elements.

    Used technologies: AEM 6.0 (dann 6.1), Java, jQuery, HTML

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For me it was one of the best possibilities I could think of to start my first full time job. Exploring, traveling, and learning the Valtech philosophy together with like-minded people was amazing.

Sebastian Klein from the International Talent Program 2017 - Germany

Sebastian Klein